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5 Things Lagos Governor Said During His Recent Address

The governor of Lagos, Sanwo-Olu Babajide has said President Buhari will decide if the lockdown will be extended or not. 

The governor also said the use of a face mask at public places is now compulsory for Lagosians.

Read the highlight of his address below.

1 Federal Government will state if the Lockdown will be relaxed Or not.

2 Wearing of Facial Mask is now Compulsory in Lagos State.

3 Lagos State Government will commence the distribution of FREE facial mask from tomorrow, Sunday.

But Note:                                     
The Free Facial Mask from Lagos State Government might not go round Or get to Everyone.

4 Mortuaries in Lagos State are filled – up, not because of deaths due to Covid-19…
But because Burials have not been carried out in Lagos State for 2 months now, due to the Lockdown of the State.

Therefore, The Government is appealing to Family members of Corps at Mortuaries to ensure they Carryout the Funeral within the next 2 weeks.
After which, the Government will be compelled to carry out mass burial, so as to decongest the Lagos State Mortuaries.

The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has approved the release of 209 Prisoners, as a way of Pardon.
The criteria for selecting the Prisoners released/ granted pardon are :
– They are more than 60years of age.

– They have less than 6years more to serve in prison.

May God Help Us all

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