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Check Out 6 Reasons You Should Rock A Low Cut Hair Style

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a girl, I mean a matured lady rocking a low cut? ‘Go gurl’ or ‘Duh! What was she thinking?’ But guess what, any woman who is bold enough to chop her hair off to look different, like a boy doesn’t care much about your opinion; so you may just do us all a favour and throw your opinion somewhere else.

Going on a low cut as a grown woman is like kicking against nature and societal norm. I mean, long hair can be pretty right? So it will be right to say short hair is pretty ugly, but that is a lie, you can actually look great in a low cut too. But first, you need to be sure that is what you want and most importantly, you need to be sure you can handle the many criticisms and ugly glances that will be thrown at you. But here is the good news; many will actually look at you with deep admiration and respect, so why bother about the ‘bads?’ Here are some reasons you should go for a low hair cut if you really want one:

1.. Shows You Are Bold: I can remember one time I had to chop my hair off when I was in primary school, I had to cover my almost bald head with my school bag when I was in school the following day. I was so shy and embarrassed; I was more embarrassed when the headmistress called my name on the assembly ground to comment on my bald head. If a kid could be so embarrassed, what should you expect of an adult? Super embarrassed right? But you rocking a low cut show you aren’t the shy type; it will be safe to say it reflects your bold and daring nature you may not even know you possess.

2. Shows you are confident: If your confidence level is normal or average, rocking a low cut may not work for you. Wondering why? Imagine you are at a party with many women present, different shining and gorgeous hairstyles, everyone smiling and talking about weaves and wigs, and here you are, with a head almost bald, will you still feel comfortable and hold your head high in that place or you will feel odd and left out

3. Makes you look younger: A nice low cut will accentuate your facial features more, making you look younger and more beautiful. People will find it more difficult guessing your age because you will actually look younger than you really are.

4. You Safe Lots of Time: You just don’t safe the time you would have spent in a saloon, you are also saving yourself some good time every day. When dressing up, you don’t need to worry about packing your hair, washing or drying; your routine will be very easy and quick.

5. You will look different: You will most likely be the most distinct in a room filled with girls with that type of hairstyle. Identifying you won’t be a problem and you may get more attention than you actually need because we all love different and unique stuff, and in this case, that’s you, darling.

6. Boys Like You: Most matured men love confident, bold and independent women, and being so different and unique makes you a good fit into those qualities.

have you always admired low cut on other women or you have been wishing to rock it yourself? This is the best time to go for it. You just need to decide.

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