80-Year-Old Man Bit Off Girl’s Ear in Benin

A call has gone to the Oba of Benin and the Edo State Governor to come to the aid of 18-year-old Faith Aigbe whose ear was allegedly bitten off by an eighty-year-old man who is said to be a retired police commissioner at Ewera street, off upper mission road in Benin city.

According to Faith, she received a call from her friends that the former police commissioner and his family members were beating her mother, only to get to the scene and the 80-year-old man grabbed her ear and pulled it off with his teeth.

On his part, Agbons Osai who is a Civil society member in Edo state faulted the action of the former retired Commissioner of police S.O Okunbor for biting off a young girl’s ear, while the mother calls for justice.

The 80-year-old man according to the Aigbe family is presently on the run as the state police command is presently investigating the matter with a promise to bring the fleeing man to book.

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