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Blackmailer threatens to Publish Tacha’s Nude Photo

Fans of Big Brother Nigeria’s Tacha also known as the Titans are currently vexing over a threat made by a faceless person to publish Tacha’s nude photo

Tacha herself took to Twitter to share the message she received from the faceless blackmailer.

She wrote, “You’re trying to have a good day, you wake up to messages from your team telling you to check your mail, you check your mail only to find this!! I have to deal with evil demeaning DMs everyday!!! Every ******* day!

“Talking about “we will publish them?” Publish what? Edited pictures? Publish pictures you edited? And I and my team should feel threatened? The hate I deal with, I pray for strength!!”

The Faceless blackmailer claimed the picture was sent by an unknown user who asked it be published on a website.

The blackmailer threatened to publish the photo if Tacha failed to reply within an hour.

The message reads, “Good day Tacha, an unknown user has sent naked photo of you to be published on our website.

However, we are yet to publish them. If you fail to reply this email, we will assume you are not bothered and ready to face the consequences when it hits the internet and ever social media platform.

Sorry, but you have just few hours to reply. Thank You”


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