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Coronavirus: Lagos Govt Speak on Infected Italian’s Identity

The Lagos state government has insisted it will not give out the identity of the Italian confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus as doing so will equal ethics of medical practice that protects the identity of patients.

This statement was made in response to the request of many Nigerians who have been seeking to know the identity of the Italian who was the first person to be confirmed to be infected on the shore of Nigeria.

In a press parley with newsmen that took place on Wednesday, the Lagos state commissioner of health, Prof Akin Abayomi noted the ministry has to follow the patient-doctor confidentiality code and therefore cannot disclose the Italian’s name or personal information.

According to Prof Abayomi, the infected Italian is responding to treatment, adding a new treatment had commenced at the isolation ward at the Mainland Hospital, Lagos.

Giving details about the case, the health commissioner said, “We started a new treatment for him two days ago which he is responding fine too. He is comfortable but bored. At the moment, we are trying to make him comfortable because he is the only person in the isolation room with 14 beds, he has nothing to do all day long, nobody wants to come and visit him. We’ve made provisions for him to have wifi to connect to the outside world.”

“We are testing him every day. What we are looking forward to is to see if there is still evidence of the virus in his secretion. The moment we stop seeing the footprint of the virus, then we wait for an extra two to three days to make sure he is okay. “Sometimes, when you clear the virus, there is an element of a rebound before it goes away. If there is a rebound and we release him, there are chances of infecting people around him.”

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