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Why I Don’t Share Political Views Online – John Obidi

Online personality, entrepreneur, coach and mentor John Obidi has reveal reason her doesn’t share his political views online.

He said noted that there is a huge difference between politics and political commentary because while the former gets the job done, the latter talk about how the job should be done.

He, therefore, encouraged his followers to decide where they wish to belong, what they wish to achieve, what to do to get there and the sacrifice they are willing to pay.

In his words: “I’ve been asked why I don’t air any political views online. So here’s the thing – I really admire politicians. I learn a lot from observing them.

“As a discerning philosopher, I recognize and applaud the genius behind some attributes of politicians – their ability to create and follow through with an agenda they are deeply vested in… and especially their magical competence at recruiting to their frontlines, rudderless youth who have none of their own.

“It’s entertaining to watch, but no thank you.

“Still, I think it is noble to engage in politics… but POLITICS is not the same as POLITICAL COMMENTARY – the former gets the job done, the latter talks about how the job should be done.

“So decide which game you’d like to play… and the price you’re willing to pay. While you think on these things… ponder this question…

“What is your agenda? A healthier people? Physical fitness for mums? Happy homes? Financial literacy? Online Business? Affordable homes? Motivation? Education for intending authors? Personal development? Entrepreneurship?

“It is my wish that YOU decide on YOUR AGENDA and utilize the tools of their trade (the politicians) to push your own agenda and PROFIT from it.

“I want you to build, not a living, but a kingdom out of your ideology and sell it at scale. How would you like to create the world in your own image and likeness?

“What ideology or body of knowledge is important to you? How can you make a MONETIZABLE MOVEMENT out of it? How can you position yourself such that you become RECOGNIZED as REWARDED as a stakeholder in that body of knowledge?

“Politicians have strong platforms, you need one! Politicians have media outlets. You need one! Politicians know how to create and distribute contents, you need this! Politicians leverage on strategic partnerships and alliances, you MUST!

“Politicians know how to convert their status into MONEY, you must learn this, don’t you think there is something you KNOW that can be made into a movement and a profitable business?

This is called A KNOWLEDGE BUSINESS! It is beyond just selling information products.

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