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New Emir of Kano: My Late Father’s Wishes Have Come to Pass

The new Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero has said following his appointment as the new Emir of Kano, his late father’s wish has come to pass.

The Cable reports the new Emir said this after him and his brother received their appointment letters from the state governor at the Kano state government house.

Aminu Ado Bayero, son of the late emir of Kano was announced the next emir following the dethronement of Muhammad Sanusi on Monday.

Ado Bayero was the emir of Kano for 53 years till he passed away in 2014 after which Sanusi took over.

Speaking about the lessons learned from his late father, the new emir said he taught them to be patient, loyal and listen to constituted authorities.

“We thank Allah and the legacy of our forefathers. We also pray for their souls to rest in peace. We pray to Allah to unite us,” he said.

“He assured us that patience leads to success. Now, we have seen the lessons taught to us in reality. I urge people to believe in Allah and be of brothers’ keepers in a bid to bring development to the emirate, Kano and Nigeria as a whole.

“He also told us to be just and fair to people so that God will be just and fair to us in the hereafter.

“On this historic day, I will say these wishes of our late father have come to materialise.”

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