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Garba Shehu: Buhari Will Address Nigerians on Coronavirus if There is a Need To

Garba Shehu, the Senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity has said President Muhammadu Buhari will address the nation on the outbreak of coronavirus if there is a need to.

The President’s spokesperson said this during a programme on Channels TV.

He said the president is not interested in showmanship and so he will address the people of there is a need for it.

When asked if the president will address the nation at any point, Mr Shehu replied, ‘of course, if the situation warranted it’.

“At the right trajectory, when the president finds it appropriate to address the nation, he will,” he said.

He added that Nigerians should rather be concerned about steps being taken to address the pandemic not weather the president will address the nation.

“Is it action … or are they yearning for drama and showmanship? Are they yearning for photo ops?” he asked.

“This president, President Muhammadu Buhari, is not cut out for showmanship, and not for drama.

“He has competent people doing an enormously good job, commended by the World Bank and put forward as a template for other nations to copy. We are satisfied with what is going on.”

He added that the president has not been silent as he had been speaking through his spokespersons and coordination committee.

“In fact, if only Nigerians are willing, only 24 hours ago, he was at the commissioning of a major project (in Abuja) and he did devote a substantial part of that speech on what the government is doing on the impact on both the economy and health of Nigerians,” he said.

“The president does not seek opportunistic opportunity. So, please, let’s just get serious. Allow people doing serious job of protecting Nigerians to do so and leave drama out of this.

“I would rather have my president buying equipment and bringing them into the country so that we are ready than a talking head who is just looking for cheap publicity and their face being on the television.”

Nigeria has since confirmed 12 cases since the outbreak of the virus in China in December 2019.

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