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He Dumped Me for Being A Virgin, Now He Wants Me Back

A Twitter user with the name ‘ Emo Girl’ has revealed how her boyfriend dumped her for being a virgin.

She recounted how she defied her parent’s wrath to sleep over at his house in order to have sex. But to her amazement, the guy ordered she leave his home after discovering she was a virgin.

She got confused because she expected the guy to be happy he would be the first to have sex with her.

She was shocked when the guy dumped her even though she was ready to have sex at that point. Read her story below.

“Got a text from an ex after 4 years.. you men are confusing. lol how my relationship with him ended was the most confused moment of my life.

This guy chased me for months. I was really into him but my hard girl reputation couldn’t be tempered with back then. I finally fell and we started dating. I used to have this really wild, bad girl appearance then but deep down inside.. it was the opposite. “We were dating.. kissing and stuff never really had time or opportunity for the secks because my parents didn’t give me space to shine.

Till the day i decided to sleep over at his place and get diqed, whether my parents kill me or not the next day, man must die one day.  I was excited about that night..I really liked that guy, i didn’t even think about the trouble i’ll be in i just wanted to die by that p*nis. He was excited too and we started making out and touching each other’s prr….. You know what i mean.  It was now time to put his distin inside and he tried to put it in and i made noises like i was in pain and he quickly stopped and got up.

He got up looking at me shocked and betrayed like i just executed his family. then he asked “are you a virgin” I said “yes”.  Man, the disappointment on his face. He had that look your dad would have if he just found out you secretly sold the family house. He helped me look for my pant and other belongings and asked me to go home. I was confused Af.  He switched his number off that night, And the next day i went to see him..

His sister told me he travelled that morning. I then got a break up text 2 days later. you guys. I WAS DUMPED FOR BEING A VIRGIN. I don’t understand this life at all.  Most painful thing is i never said i didn’t want the secks. people are born virgins. why was he disappointed i was one. Did he think i would not catch up fast. I swear to God i’m a great learner. Look at my skills now.  

I didn’t kick against getting my hymen torn apart by him.. Shouldn’t he be glad he was about to be the first? i was really really confused. And after four years he is now texting me ‘what’s going on with you, it’s been ages’ Bruh, YOU ARE MAD”.

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