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How To Overcome The Demon Called EX

Tade and Jane had been friends for a few months before they decided to take their friendship to the next level since both of them were single and they seemed to have this amazing connection, the type you see in movies.

Everyone was happy for them and as weeks rolled into months, they had this assurance that they were indeed made for each other. This assurance made them go public with their relationship, before a year, everyone knew they were an item, what else but to expect wedding bell to ring?

But like every other relationship, theirs was not without some ups and downs. After a while, things began to go south and they began to wonder if they were really meant for each other in the first place. An incidence occurred at some point, the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back, it was a situation they could not surmount, so they decided to pathways.

Considering the challenges they had been having in their relationships, it was first a relief they had broken up, but then after a few days, they started missing each other, they both thought it wise to give the relationship another chance against better judgment.

Tade knew it was an exercise in futility, but the heart wants what the heart wants, they started talking again, but later went apart, each making efforts to move on with other people.

To say Tade took the worst hit will be an understatement. No woman seemed to be good enough for him, none was able to break the hold Jane had on him. After some months apart, Tade began to appreciate the good qualities Jane had, forgetting all her faults, most of which made him want to end the relationship in the past.

It has been some months they separated and just a call from Jane or a deep thought would bring the past to the present, making Tade a prisoner of his own past. What should he do?

My Comments:

Here is where Tade is missing it:

There is a saying that the person who is absent has no fault and does no wrong, Jane is not perfect, as a matter of fact, Jane cannot make Tade a happy man, Tade knows this deep down but he is a slave to his own emotion. It is actually very possible to have great and awesome feelings for someone and still be unhappy with the person; that is the reason when it comes to choosing who to spend the rest of your life with, feelings should not be your motivator or driver.

As a matter of fact, I will advise someone wishing to go back to an ex to have a deep rethink, you know why? Most times, we forget the faults in people when we are missing them, we hold on to the idea/idol of them we have created in our mind, an idea that is most of the time far from reality, the reality of who they really her. Ask yourself this question, if you guys were really so compatible, why did you end the relationship in the first place? Before going back to an ex, ask yourself, what are the issues that led to the break up/ and am I willing to do something about them? Think deep about this and you will understand why you need to let that relationship go once and for all. 

This is definitely not the end of this topic, watch out for the next part.

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