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Man Shares How He Got Trapped in a Loveless Marriage

A Nigerian man has taken to the popular online forum, Nairaland to narrate how he got stuck in a loveless marriage.

According to the man with the username Ollins, he had a fling with a girl who later ended up pregnant.

He said further that he had to marry the lady due to pressure on many sides although he knew deep down he was not in love with her.

Read his story below:

Let me cut the story short. Had a fling with this girl, along the line she got pregnant. You know all that talk of “if you could sleep with her, then you must marry her” “if you got her pregnant then you must marry her”, Iooking back now, I wished I hadn’t listened to all those voices.

I knew in my heart that I didn’t love her, even she knew but the pressure from the family was too much, I had to marry her. On my marriage day I was practically crying within me.

Her character is just opposite of all I wanted in a woman; she’s barely educated, loud and loquacious.

That’s my cross I am carrying today, stuck in a loveless marriage.

The warmth and Romance is absent from our home, we have not had intimacy since the beginning of the year till now, we just have no interest anymore in each other. We are just living together for the sake of our child.

My question now is how does one cope? Is this how I am going to live the rest of my life?

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