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Ngozi Ezeonu’s Husband Spits Fire, Curses Daughter’s Marriage

An end seems not to be in sight to the ‘war’ between popular actress, Ngozi Ezeonu and her ex-husband, Edwin Ezeonu after the wedding of their daughter, Ogechukwu Ezeonu got married without the approval and involvement of her father.

Embittered Mr Edwin Ezeonu in expressing his anger and displeasure at the way his ex-wife ignored him during the wedding laid a curse on the new marriage, saying it will not be fruitful because as far as he is concerned, his daughter is still single and unmarried.

In his own defence, Mr Edwin said he has always been there for his children even after he divorced his wife, Ngozi Ezeonu adding that he only withdrew his financial support when he noticed his ex-wife was hell-bent on taking his children from him.

In his own words, “This woman, Ngozi Denis Ikpelue has no legitimate right and authority to give out Ogechukwu Edwina Ezeonu’s hand in marriage. I call her by her father’s name because we are divorced and she no longer has the right to bear my name since 2013.

“However, as long as I and the entire family of Ezeonu and his kindred are concerned, Ogechukwu Edwina Ezeonu is not married. That union is cursed. It is a taboo!

“I hear people saying, I abandoned my children. I never did. I took care of my children, I visited Ogechukwu in school, even when she was in boarding school, I do sneak in to give her money, extra foodstuffs. She has a sweet tooth, so I made sure I satisfy her needs in school.

“ I paid their school fees, supplied them with foodstuff. I made sure I sent money into Ngozi’s account monthly. The least I sent to her is N400,000. When it became glaring to me that Ngozi was mean on taking the children away, I reduced my financial assistance. But I still kept in touch,” he said.

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